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Medical Billing Software

AdvMDOS provides the full suite of medical billing software and service: From Electronic Real-Time Eligibility Verification and Electronic Claim Submission to Electronic Real-Time Claim Status and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/EOB) to track insurance payments, deductible, copayment, and coinsurance. AdvMDOS is not just a software provider but a billing service provider that comes with the software. AdvMDOS provides ongoing hands-on billing support for our software clients and our clients can start insurance billing within a week after purchasing our billing software. AdvMDOS Superbill seamlessly integrates with the inventory system and Rx system, and can check out products with a bar-code scanner or product name. Paper Billing with CMS 1500 Form is also provided.

Medical Billing Solutions

Alternatively, AdvMDOS can be your billing outsourcing provider and submit insurance billing for you. AdvMDOS can be a traditional billing and coding service provider and use our billing expertise and billing software to serve our client’s medical billing needs. AdvMDOS provides a monthly billing report for the billing service. AdvMDOS can also be our software-based billing service provider. The claims are submitted and processed more quickly and efficiently than the traditional billing service at a lower rate, and clients can check claims real-time in our system. 

Billing reports are provided daily instead of monthly in our software-based billing service.

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software with automatic appointment text reminders. We can do two-way live text chat with clients via the dedicated text line. AdvMDOS can automatically send birthday texts to clients, which is more efficient than mass emails or mass texts occasionally to connect with clients. AdvMDOS daily calendar in scheduling is linked to billing conveniently and can be used to track billing, medical notes and claim submissions.  Patients use the AdvMDOS patient appointment app to look up and book their appointments. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Appointment Calendars are available in the scheduling system. Patient Digital Sign-in in Daily Calendar is also provided.

Medical Notes

AdvMDOS has four types of electronic medical notes available at a low one-time price: Word SOAP Notes, PDF Click Notes (Click-through with little writing), Electronic Handwritten Notes on iPad, and Word Click Notes on iPad. AdvMDOS provides the commonly used acupuncture Notes templates. AdvMDOS can scan paper documents into electronic storage in a simple step for easy paperless storage and retrieval. AdvMDOS can also load PDF files into a patient-specific system to organize the electronic documents for easy lookup.

Inventory and TCM Prescription Software

Inventory management software with fast bar-code check-in, check-out, and product sales report. Inventory reports, expiring products, expired products & product reorder reports are all available.  AdvMDOS create TCM Rx prescriptions easily from a template or previous Rx for the same patient. TCM Rx prescription can work with an in-house ingredient inventory or independently without any ingredient inventory.

Employee Time Clock & Payroll

Clock In and Clock Out Electronically Report total hours worked without any calculation, and export employee work hours report into Excel or PDF. Generate employee payroll for hourly employees and salary employees. Work with employee time clock seamlessly. Payroll software is available for these states without income taxes: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,  and Wyoming.

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