Medical Notes Software

Medical Notes Software

ICD-10 was introduced on October 1, 2015 in the US. The granularity of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS is vastly improved over ICD-9-CM and enables greater specificity in identifying health conditions, and must be supported by documentation in the medical record. MDOS medical notes software provides four types of medical notes: Word Medical Notes, PDF Click Notes, Handwriting Notes, and Word Click Notes. The users can use one type of medical notes or use all four based on their needs.

Word Medical Notes

Word Medical Notes uses the format of SOAP Medical Notes. Several commonly used acupuncture Word Notes templates are available: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, and Infertility. The users can create unlimited Word Notes templates. The software Word like editor as shown below is used to write Word Medical Notes.

The user can search for the Word Notes that have a specific key word in them. A Word Notes can be saved as a template and available for other patients.

Word Medical Notes Template

Word Medical Notes can be easily created and sent to payer upon request:

  • Create new Word Medical Notes quickly from the templates for the initial visit
  • Create subsequent visit Word Medical Notes by modifying previous visit notes
  • Print many Word Medical Notes in a date range into one PDF file for easy submission

PDF Click Notes

This is a pre-defined and very detailed three-page acupuncture PDF Medical Notes. The user can click through the PDF Notes quickly instead of writing to save some time.

PDF Click Medical Notes

Handwriting Notes

Paper Handwriting Notes: The Paper Handwriting Notes can be scanned into the MDOS Electronic Document Storage for easy storage and quick access.

PDF Handwriting Notes: PDF Notes for Initial Visit, Re-exam, and SOAP Daily Notes can be loaded to iPad with PDF Expert Wi-Fi connection between the computer and iPad.

PDF Expert Wi-Fi Connection Between Computer and iPad

HMN Notes (Handwriting Medical Notes), takes the advantage of the pre-defined Notes to speed up the Notes writing, but it allows the user to be able to use a digital pen to write down some special “Handwriting Notes”. It’s more flexible and easier to work on HMN than click notes. The finished PDF Notes can then be imported back to the computer and saved into MDOS system.

Handwriting Notes Export and Import

Word Click Medical Notes

Word Click Notes: Like Word Notes, the user can create unlimited Word Click Notes templates. Also, like Click Notes, the user can click to choose with Word Click Notes. Word Click Notes has the advantages of both Word Notes and Click Notes and especially good to work with an iPad or Android Pad. Unlike Click Notes, Word Click Notes printout only keeps the selected choices.

Word Click Medical Notes Software

Any Medical Notes (Word Notes, PDF Click Notes, and Handwriting Notes) can be converted into Word Click Notes. We will use the SOAP Medical Notes as an example. There are four sections in a SOAP Medical Notes: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Treatment Plan.  There are three click levels in a Word Click Notes: Section, Category and Choice.

  • Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Treatment Plan are the four the sections of the Word Click Notes
  • Each section has several categories in it
  • Each category has several choices in it

, A sample Word Click SOAP Medical Notes is shown below.

Word Click SOAP Medical Notes

Word Click Medical Notes App

A mobile device, such as an iPad, can be used to click and make choices with the Word Click Medical Notes App. The choices are saved into the system automatically. Word Click Medical Notes App can be downloaded from the download page or directly from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Word Click SOAP Medical Notes App