Acupuncture Software

Acupuncture Software

Insurance Billing

Paper Billing: MDOS Billing Pro Acupuncture Software was created in 2011 to fix a billing problem: paper CMS-1500 form billing. A claim was printed from software to red CMS-1500 paper forms. It was very hard to align the paper the same on the printer every time. Sometimes some values were printed out of the form boxes, across the form boxes. Those CMS-1500 paper claim forms were then mailed to payers in the post office. Usually, about two weeks later some claims forms were mailed back and rejected. The whole mailing processing would then repeat for the rejected claims and new claims. Some paper claims were rejected a few times and never got the chance to get into the payer adjudication system, and eventually missed the payer claim submission deadline. To fix this error-prone paper billing problem, MDOS Billing Pro software changes the original software to paper printing to two-step printing: software to the PDF CMS-1500 red form printing, and the PDF CMS-1500 red form to the white paper printing as shown below. No more paper-aligning problems and reduced paper billing costs!

CMS-1500 Paper Claim Billing

Electronic Billing: To further reduce the billing cost and long-time billing cycle of paper billing, electronic claim submission billing was developed the next year, 2012. No more post office round trips and the electronic claims were delivered to the payers the same day or the next day. MDOS Billing Pro software was released to the public in 2013. Since then, several EDI auto-posting processes were introduced: Electronic Real-Time Eligibility Verification (EDI 270/271), Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/EOB, EDI 835), Electronic Real-Time Claim Status (EDI 276/277). The number one acupuncture clinic pain point was resolved: Insurance claim submissions, payment posting and tracking.

As shown below, MDOS Billing Pro software still keeps the paper CMS1500 form billing feature for some special cases when paper billing is the only way to submit claims.

Acupuncture Electronic Billing

Billing Solution: What we offer is a billing solution to the acupuncture clinic, not just software. We provide free support to users’ specific billing problems by answering the user’s billing questions and showing the user how to fix the billing problem. CPT codes for acupuncture are pre-loaded into the system and all the ICD-10 codes are loaded into the system and updated annually for free.

Appointment Scheduling

Another pain point for a clinic is the no-shows and lateness of patient visits. MDOS Billing Pro software provides a very cost-effective solution: automatic appointment text reminders. Besides the daily automatic appointment text reminders, the user can also use the text to answer patients’ text inquiries and questions, and even establish live chat with the patients via MDOS Billing Pro software. The incoming and outgoing texts for the patients are saved into the MDOS system and can be viewed at a later time.

Text Live Chat

Medical Notes

Medical SOAP Notes can be created conveniently from the templates. PDF documents can be loaded into the system and paper documents can be easily scanned into the system for easy storage and quick access.

Medical SOAP Notes

Inventory Management and Tracking

TCM inventory management and tracking is a special task for an acupuncture clinic. MDOS Billing Pro software provides inventory products check-in and check-out features and seamlessly incorporates Superbill invoices. Inventory reports and product sales reports are used for management and tracking. A Superbill invoice with a product sale is shown below.

Acupuncture Superbill with Product Sale

TCM Prescription

Another special task for an acupuncture clinic is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients management and TCM prescription feature. As the comment in one of our Google reviews says that “especially the prescription function, which is unique. This software works quite well for acupuncturists and herbalists.”

Acupuncture TCM Prescription