Scheduling Software Pricing

MDOS Scheduling Software Pricing

Features Scheduling Software Pricing
Year First-year Subsequent Years
Appointment Scheduling Software $699 $0
Appointment Text Reminder ~$250 text modem & $99 modem set up and technical support $0
Birthday Text The software automatically sends birthday text from the text modem
Mass Texts Send the mass texts to all patients or patients with appointments in a date range
Text Line Phone Company Cost Less than $10/month for the dedicated text line
Confirm/Cancel texts Yes
Provider Appointment Local App (Can Send Text Reminder) Free Free
Provider Appointment Cloud App $10/Month/First Provider (Additional Provider $5 Each/Month)
Patient Appointment Cloud App Free and Used with Provider Appointment Cloud App
Note: Cloud App can be used independently or synchronized with Desktop software

All the other products upgrade to Network License for free when one product has Network License.

MDOS cloud database is protected and encrypted with DBDEFENSE.