Billiard hall billing software

  Nowadays, store management software is inseparable from the management software, and indeed store management software has brought a lot of convenience to our daily management. Take the billiard hall billing software for not only intelligent light control, automatic billing and other functions let many billiard room owners save a lot of management trouble. But the billiard hall billing software on the market are charged, there is a one-time stand-alone version of the saas management software is charged on an annual basis. But a variety of management software charges are not the same. So many bosses want to billiard hall billing software, are trying to find a free version of this reliable?

  The free billiard hall billing software on the market is probably divided into several categories

  The first type is an experimental developer may be a programmer learning the program because the task requires the development of a function out, developed by the way after sending online to learn to refer to its true use value is not much after all, many features are not there may be certain loopholes.

  The second free is a free trial, like the Mindsmith billiard hall billing software can be tried for free for a period of time if the store owner feels good to really help the store management and then pay after all, the software is not good to buy is also a waste of time.

  The third free we should be careful, this type of software may take user information or leak customer information.

  It is said that there is no free lunch in the world, billiard hall billing software is also the same there is really no so-called completely free billiard hall billing software. It can be said that anything we use today is invariably charged, but the form of the fee charged is different. The so-called free is just a different form of charge! After all, similar to these software development is not developed to do public service, if there is really knowledge business used to do publicity a gimmick or part of the function of free to attract users to use only.

  Why say there is no free billiard hall billing software?

  First of all, as a software development company components to see the product manager (responsible for mining customer needs to design a better product, such as billiard hall management needs billing software in addition to the billing function also need membership functions, light control functions, etc.), designers (responsible for the use of software we see the entire page design), front-end and back-end data technology personnel (for functional implementation), testing implementation (responsible for product bug detection ), operation (publicity and promotion), sales (customer-oriented), and after-sales. We want to develop a billiard hall billing software aside from the product manager aside from the operation sales but technical research and development costs are very high, a programmer’s monthly salary is at least 10,000-30,000 RMB ranging, there are servers and other costs counted down are very high. So the developers develop a set of software out of no charge, purely to do public service is certainly not realistic behind there must be a charge for the place.

  So you want to billiard hall billing software free is impossible, but we can choose a billiard hall billing software that can really help our stores save labor costs and improve service efficiency is also good. After all, the cost of labor for store management is very high nowadays. A store even hire a person to watch over the management of a year costs about 30,000. While the system may be a few thousand a year or even lower can be solved. Like the Mindsmith billiard hall billing software can also achieve unmanned self-service management mode, not only automatic timing and billing, but also to achieve online booking of guests, intelligent light control management, intelligent access control, membership management and other functions. More time and effort saving, save a lot of labor costs.

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